Angel Star Children's Book & CD

Angel Star Children's Book & CD

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Angel Star is the 'must have' book for Children aged 0-8 years or gift for new or expecting mums.

Angel Star, which includes a CD of the #1 Children's iTunes Hit song, is the story of a young girl who one night picks the brightest star in the sky, a star she has chosen to be her new sibling. She then sets about helping the star on its adventurous journey, down mountains, through valleys, over roads and finally to her home and part of her loving family.

Bringing a new life in to the world is a big decision to make for any parent. And it can be especially tough on other children in the family who may feel like another child will result in them receiving less attention or even being less loved by their parents.

It’s important to make your children understand all the positive benefits of becoming a sibling and you can start that by including them in the decision to bring another child to the family. Angel Star is the perfect story to help with that process.  

Written by Chris Sanders the storybook captures the imagination of Children and tugs at the heart-strings of parents.

The picture book was illustrated by winner of Children's Choice at the NZ Book Awards, Kat Merewether.